Quality Standards

Exceptional Standards

-Each pen is handcrafted in San Angelo, Texas with only the BEST material available and is like an individual work of art.

-Handcrafted by a sole owner small business entrepreneur, so purchasing one of these pens is supporting small business in America!

-Each pen is beautifully packaged in its own gift box which makes a great presentation for Christmas, birthday and anniversary gifts. Or just to let someone know that you love them!

-All of the wood has gone through a stabilization process for the pens as well as the razors. This adds a superior luster for the pens and a lifetime of water resistance. ​ ​

Quality Wood ​

All of these pictures are representative of what the types of wood look like. Since wood is from the earth and created from God each piece is different yet beautiful, just like the person which will own it. The variety of shade is especially strong in California Buckeye Burl, Maple Burl and the veining in the Spalted Tamarind. All pens also come packaged in a beautiful mahogany color cigar style box.

Premium Hardware

Pen hardware made from premium metals such as Black Titanium -- a lustrous, high strength, low density metal. Also available in Rhodium which is a member of the platinum metals. It is considered one of the rarest, most valuable of the  precious metals. The twist pens with gold use 10k gold for its durability for everyday use. The gold on the two rollerball cap pens is 22k gold for its luster while using at your desk.