Corporate or Client Gifts & Awards - Engraved Realtor Gifts

Corporate Gift Options: 

Say Thank You To Valued Clientele While Keeping Your Company Top-Of-Mind All Year.

You and your clients make important decisions daily at your desk.  Contracts are executed, deals are done, relationships are formed, exciting new ventures are embarked on, commitments are made and all culminated with a signature. 
A pen holds a certain ceremonial weight to each of these occasions, it commands attention and can be used to show the true value of a signature if in the hand of the signer is a bold statement pen. 
Such a pen can, in fact, be just as much of a statement as the car you drive. People take notice to how you perceive value. 
Show your customers how much you value their relationship and worth by thanking them with a Bendecidos Handmade Pen and Engraved Display Box. 
These pens are ALL unique and handmade by owner, Rick Hart, in Dallas Texas. Rick hand selects all the wood used to make his custom creations.  The wood selected for the pen is stabilized and inspected to ensure a quality, long-lasting, durable writing instrument. In addition, the accompanying parts are just as high quality and elegant right down to the ink selected.  This also helps to ensure a weight, dimension and flow that not only makes the pen appealing to the eye, but write smoothly and comfortably. It becomes a tangible luxury that you can experience when finding a quality pen. 
Bendecidos Pens also come with a high-quality display box that can be engraved for corporate gifts. We can also engrave the pen itself or both with your logo and/or customer name. 
As your customers not only handle interactions with your company, their other associates will be exposed to your luxury personified as a writing utensil when doing business or pleasure with them. Your customer’s will want this item displayed proudly on their desk, and handy to use daily, keeping you Top-Of-Mind.  
Rick Hart, himself, personally invites you to contact him with any orders or questions regarding a custom order, we have a variety of other styles and options available. It would be his pleasure to discuss them with you and get working on creating  his custom creations just for you. Thank you for your time and consideration, we look forward to doing business with you.