Features & Benefits

  • Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee.

  • A portion of our income is used to support various causes we are passionate about.
  • Every Pen comes with a high quality wooden display box INCLUDED at no extra cost! (most companies charge extra for this).

  • All our wood is professionally stabilized to increase durability and longevity and weight.

  •  We choose the highest quality parts available for our pens and are all black titanium, rose gold, rhodium and 22k gold.

  • Inside your pen will also be the best ink on the market, we do not skimp here! We want it to write as beautiful and as it looks straight out of the box! (this is an additional cost for most other companies)

  • We use Viscoglide ink technology in any ballpoint pen to keep it smudge free, quick drying and easy, gliding writing – just like our rollerball ink!

  • The pen designs are weighted and balanced to ensure ease of writing and a superb “feel” in your hand as you hold or write with your pen.

  • Our fountain pens are specially built with a fine point Gold Iridium Nib for superior smoothness.

  • Bendecidos hand seals each pen to further increase the durability and stability.

  • Handmade in the U.S.A. in Dallas, Texas. Each pen is personally made and inspected for quality by the owner himself, Rick Hart.

  • Each and every pen has a scripture written on the inner tube and is personally blessed and prayed over during the assembly process by owners, Rick and Emily Hart- for the new owner.

  • Rick and Emily Hart love their customers and think of them as one big Bendecidos Family!

  • We can accommodate most special orders as well! If there is a certain type of wood that you have or prefer – we can specially build you a custom pen! Contact us for details!


            We also proudly plant one tree for every pen sold through:

                                     One Tree Planted