The Hart Behind Bendecidos Pens

The Hart behind Bendecidos Pens:

  Master Pen Maker and owner Rick Hart always had admired a quality pen and had owned some himself over the course of his early business career. However, his true love of pens and the start of his aptly named “Blessed” pen business, Bendecidos Pens, would not come until 2013. Like most of us, Rick came to a season of hardship. Trying to get through it on his own will got the better of him and ultimately led him to a yearlong, faith-based rehabilitation center in Texas. It was during this time of rest and restoration that the Lord spoke to him in many ways, one being to take his love of creative woodworking and use it to not only provide for himself and his future family, but also to further the Kingdom of God as a Ministry. Upon graduation of the program in 2013 Rick started saving, researching and pursuing this brand-new directive from the Lord. He made pens in his free time in his spare room while staying on as staff at the recovery center. The Lord blessed Rick’s hands and through prayer and obedience he began to turn out pens from woods local to Texas, and he began to fall in love with the unique medium as God poured into him as he prayed over each and every pen he ever made. Each pen Rick has made from day one has been made with prayer, integrity and love. In addition, Rick places a scripture inside the barrel of every pen and sends a blessing for the owner along with it. As much as he loves making pens, Rick’s true passion is returning the blessing that the Lord bestowed upon him through grace. Since day one, Bendecidos Pens has returned God’s portion back into the Church and God’s people first.  Rick has also been able to open the door to share God’s love to others through his pens and testimony.  


Rick on the Hart behind the Mesquite Pen Line:

One reason I love the Texas Mesquite so much, is not only is it from Texas, and is very synonymous with the Texas landscape, but it’s beautiful! Most Texans, especially ones that own land, dislike mesquite. The reason is because it is usually an odd shaped ugly bush anywhere from waist to shoulder height. At that stage of its life it is full of thorns and sticky sap. If ranchers are driving through their land, they must pay attention, or it’ll puncture their tire. However, once you get to the inside of it, it’s beautiful! Most people don’t take the time to see the beauty God put in mesquite, they just burn it in the fire. I compare it to us humans, and our flesh. Most people don’t take the time to see the beauty God put in each of us, or each other, we just see our own and each other’s faults like the thorns and sap, but when we take the time to see the beauty God put in each one of us, it’s amazing and beautiful!