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Blue Ballpoint Pen
Blue Ballpoint Pen
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Luxury Ballpoint Pen
Luxury Ballpoint Pen

Caribbean Blue Ash Burl Empresario Luxury Pen | Ballpoint Pen with Rhodium Metal

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Why Purchase A Luxury Pen?

 There is no doubt that luxurious ball pens that are built manually come at a higher price tag than regular pens. However, for many people, it’s totally worth it taking more money out of their pockets. A hand-made pen is built to last longer and is constructed from high-quality materials.

 A great pen, such as our Caribbean Blue Ash Burl Empresario Ballpoint pen, is specially designed to fit the hand and to be perfect for the curvature of the hand. The nib of the pen is much better crafted, while the weight is just ideal. You can use the pen without putting too much strain on your fingers or without it slipping your grasp.

 You can use a good pen for decades. The quality build withstands the test of time and gives you satisfaction for years to come. Moreover, it soon becomes an heirloom in your family.

 A luxury pen usually comes in a lovely box that can dramatically increase the initial pleasure you can feel by owning it. The packaging makes you anticipate the pen even more, especially if the pen is specially prepared for someone you love. If you choose to give the pen as a present, you can use several packages on top of the original one in order to extend the pleasure of unwrapping.

 Another reason to buy a luxury pen is that they are built from high-end materials, such as stabilized wood and even precious metals, instead of polycarbonate or polystyrene. The feel of these higher quality materials is very different than the standard feel of polycarbonate. By holding one of these luxury pens in your hand, you’ll get the impression of solidity and rigidity.

 Expensive pens also come with a ticker plating on their furniture, so they last more in time and don’t wear off too quickly. If the furniture is made from precious metals, the pen can last for decades without a scratch.

 If you’re working in an industry that still relies on handwriting, buying a luxury pen will not just make you look great among colleagues, but will also enhance your self-esteem and feeling of self-worth. Moreover, it will prove to be a reliable device that will last much longer in time. The same goes true if your wife or life partner works in one of these fields and needs a pen for daily use.