Your Favorite New Small Pen

I have been wanting to put this pen into inventory for 3 years. The timing was never right and I never felt it was the right time, until now. Y'all, I love this pen and I am positive you will love it too! The pen I am talking about is the new Empresario Ballpoint Pen. It is a little bit smaller than our other pens, but that is what makes it great! Big pens are awesome for a statement piece, and most of the time they are really easy to write with because of the weight, they essentially help you write. But you can not always have a bigger pen with you, or maybe you just prefer smaller pens. They aren't heavy if you carry it in your shirt or jacket, small enough to keep in notebook or journal for notes. Very awesome addition to the family. And the Caribbean Blue wood just makes it that much cooler! I know many guys that wear polo shirts a lot and they always carry a pen between the buttons, because they need a pen a lot, and they like to have a classy pen, so this pen fits them great, and it will for the person in your life too!

This Luxury Ballpoint pen from Bendecidos Handmade Pens is available Here

Or they are available on Amazon by searching Bendecidos Pens or Click Here