The Difference in Bendecidos Pens

When I received the dream to start making pens, God gave me the desire to make the best pen available for people to use. For it to be their go-to pen. The desire to make it equal to and even better than European made pens that sell for thousands of dollars. I set out to make pens that people could carry and use and be proud of. Not for me, but for them. So many items today are mass produced and so look alike. I knew that discretionary, sophisticated people were looking for things that are made with incredible attention to detail, and that are as individual and characteristic as they are.

I was given that dream 7 years ago, and I am so blessed to be able to accomplish that dream every day now. Every single person that owns a pen I made can say that there pen is as unique as they are. And if you don't own one yet, you have the opportunity to say that as well!

My recommendation for a unique pen today is the Texas Mesquite Royal Ballpoint Pen. Click the link provided before, or it is available on Amazon as well here

This is one of the first pens I made when I started, and how it came to be is really funny. I looked out the window at my BBQ grill, saw a pile of Texas Mesquite and thought, I wonder what that looks like. So I made a pen with it and it was incredible!

As I said, I have you my customers in mind when I build pens, I know you are looking for something unique, beautiful and dependable. These pens are just that. They are something that can become a family Heirloom that can be passed down through generations of your family. How exciting is that?!

I thank you for your support and send my prayers and love to you till next time. 

Blessings Flow!