Our New Website Launch


I am so excited to be writing this article about Bendecidos Handmade Pens new website launch www.luxurypens.store/. My name is Rick Hart and I am the artisan and owner and Bendecidos Pens. I began making handmade pens in March of 2014, and it has changed my life. I was thinking about all that has happened in my life since then, and it is really humbling to think back on this. I absolutely love making these pens, and you will be able to see that from the moment you purchase your first one, and use it. If anyone would have told me up until that time that God wanted me to make pens and own a company called Bendecidos Handmade Pens, I would not have believed it - AT all!! Having the ability to create some of the most beautiful Handmade Luxury Pens available today is quite an honor, and we believe you will be able to see and feel this when you own one. The Featured Image with this blog post is the small room where I built my first shop for Bendecidos Handmade Pens in Midland, Texas in 2014. We are now located in Little Elm, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. 

As I was thinking back on all the good things that have happened since March 2014, I thought of all of the amazing people I have had the opportunity to meet and share my story with, and also introduce them to a new lifestyle of having a quality handmade pen from Bendecidos Pens. Almost every time I introduce someone to my handmade wooden pens, they say "this is incredible!" I also have had many of the people that have purchased or received one of my Bendecdos Pens as a gift say that they are not going to go back to their other luxury pen made by well know European pen producers. Many have also become repeat customers and I am so grateful for this!

I want to thank all of the people that have supported Bendecidos Handmade Pens thru the years and helped my dream that God gave me a reality.

In future articles I will explain further about the building process, where I get all of my materials, the features and benefits of Bendecidos Handmade Pens and also how God has led me the whole way!

Thank You and Bendecidos!