Luxury Pens - A Step Up

I fell in love with luxury pens a long time ago when I owned a European made luxury pen. I lost it thru hard times I went thru, and that is how the Lord ultimately led me to begin making them. 

You get a feeling of sophistication when you are writing with a luxury pen. Especially when it is handmade and the person making it pays special attention to the detail going into that pen. Emily and I still laugh about this, but when we first started dating she didn't understand why I made pens. Then I gave her one to use, Ha! She said, wow I didn't know I needed a nice luxury pen until I started using one! 

Imagine yourself in a business meeting, everything is super tense, because the deal of a lifetime is about to happen. Then you pull out your Bendecidos Handmade Pen handcrafted just for you from wood. It is a shiny one of a kind masterpiece, and the executive across the board room table notices it, comments on it, asks you about it, and instantly the tension is gone! Your concern about the deal that is happening is overtaken with joy and excitement for the compliment you just received from the executive you are doing business with! That is Awesome! We have sold pens as a result of this situation!

The pen I would like to feature today is the Blue Maple Burl Royal Luxury Ballpoint Pen

The Blue Maple Burl Royal Luxury Ballpoint Pen is also available on Amazon!

When it comes to elegance and sophistication, Blue Maple Burl DELIVERS!

The blue gets infused into the wood as it goes thru the stabilizing process. This process actually pulls the air and moisture out of the wood and replaces it with a stabilizing compound. This compound is foodsafe, so it will not harm you, and also adds the benefit of adding weight to the pen. If you think that having a heavy pen is a negative, please refer to Emily's comment at the first of this post. Ha! If you want to know more about the stabilizing process, I encourage you to visit my friend Mel's site. He has done stabilizing for me since the first time I knew I needed to have stabilizing done. He is the best in his field and I consider him family. You can see his talent on his website Wood Dynamics